ADVANCE, AIRMES and DEMETER launch meeting at Airbus Toulouse - Usine Jean-Luc Lagardère

The AIRMES consortium is happy to announce the official launch of its activities within the Clean Sky 2 LPA ADVANCE project.​
The launch meeting was held on 24 February 2016 at the Airbus - Usine Jean-Luc Lagardère premises. It was a great privilege to have such an event amongst all these A380!

Given the high importance of the ADVANCE project for the aviation and aircraft industry, the project was honoured with the presence of Sébastien Dubois (Clean Sky Joint Undertaking Project Officer), Ron van Manen (Clean Sky 2 Programme Manager), Gareth Williams (ACARE) and Jean-Jacques Fagot (Clean Sky 2 Large Passenger Aircraft Platform 3 leader, Airbus).

The main goals of this common launch meeting were to present the projects' objectives​, benefits, technical activities and major deliverables as well as interactions between the ADVANCE, AIRMES and DEMETER consortia.

Above all, this was an exciting event to meet interested stakeholders, exchange views, create relationship and common understanding for a fruitful collaboration. This kind of event is rare and full advantage was taken to kick-start the project in a positive direction!

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