AIRMES kicks off!

The official launch of the AIRMES project took place on 14-15 December 2015.

The event was hosted by ONERA Toulouse and gathered nearly 30 participants, among which the JU Topic Manager, the Project Reviewers and members of the ADVANCE and DEMETER consortia. Particular care was brought by the Topic Manager, Alexander Pladgemann, and the Coordinator, Joel Ferreira, to go beyond the formal project kick off in order to:

  • Share common vision of the AIRMES challenges and their relevance vis-a-vis industrial innovation prospects and interfaces within ADVANCE.
  • Consolidate the first interactions initiated during the proposal elaboration.
  • Ensure proper understanding of management and communication processes.
  • Initiate exchanges with the DEMETER project, through specific market places.

The next important rendez-vous for the team will be the meeting with the Project Officer, Sebastein Dubois, in February 2016.

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