The service architecture will be structured around an operationally focused collaborative environment IT platform, integrating multiple functionalities and it will accelerate the shift in European aviation, from scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

By blending this knowledge based environment with mobile tools for remote support, using augmented reality technologies and two way communication solutions, the resulting service architecture will provide contextualised, updated and integrated information to all members of the maintenance value chain.

Airmes 3 pillars  style= Airmes 3 pillars prognostics Airmes 3 pillars collaborative environment Airmes 3 pillars mobile tools
  • Replacement of unscheduled maintenance by systematic scheduled maintenance
  • Replacement of scheduled maintenance by condition based maintenance
Airmes project - mobile tools
  • Contextualised Documentation
  • Dispatch assessment
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Defects Reporting
  • Elapsed time control
Airmes project - collaborative environnement
  • Configuration management
  • Maintenance Planning Optimisation
  • Data Analytics
  • Knowledge Database
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