The AIRMES partner consortium participated to the first ADVANCE Annual Progress Meeting.
The meeting was held on the 16th and 17th of November 2016 at the DLR ATS facilities in Hamburg. In the organizational frame of the review the official kick-off meeting of the CFP01-02 PACMAN was jointly organised on the 15th November 2016. The Kick-off has been passed successfully and by that closing the pool of Call For Proposals (CFP) contributing to the ADVANCE program in Large Passenger Aircraft (LPA) of the Clean Sky 2 (CS2) program.
During the annual review the participants were honoured with the presence of Jean-Jacques Fagot (Clean Sky 2 Large Passenger Aircraft Platform 3 leader, Airbus), and Oliver Pape, head of Administration of DLR ATS.
The review has been passed and it was a real success for all participants to engage with the partners and to show a high level of progress and collaboration. This later was put in practice during 3 Workshop sessions and was successfully concluded by a series of clear actions to reach the ambitious objectives of ADVANCE and respectively DEMETER, PACMAN and AIRMES.

The next progress review meeting will be organized during summer 2017. 

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